3 types of real estate properties you can own

3 types of real estate properties you should know

Investing in real estate is what every successful business owner would tell anyone to do. However, most of them don’t mention which types are out there in the market which might confuse new investors when buying a property for the first time. 

To some of you, you might think that real estate is exclusively selling homes which aren’t entirely true. With this mindset, you can potentially lose a lot of potential in making the most money when tapping into this industry.

This is why you first need to learn an in-depth understanding of what the 3 types of real estate are to make the proper decisions in investing. 

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Residential real estate 

The most common and widely recognised type of real estate investment is investing in residential real estate. Most marketing campaigns sell the idea to homeowners that residential real estate is the crux of the real estate industry. While there are some truths to this, it doesn’t entirely make up the entire landscape of the industry.

The reason why it’s so popular among the public is that everyone needs homes. The market is constantly on the lookout for residential homes because they are always in demand in the economy. 

It’s also not hard to say that it provides the most recognition out of all the types, but because they have the least capital required to invest in, they barely comprise the whole market share. 

However, residential real estate comes in many forms like outright houses, duplexes, condos, and villas. Homeowners love investing in real estate for themselves.

Commercial real estate

Commercial real estate falls under the category of real estate for business owners. While residential property owners can turn their homes into a business, commercial real estate has more to do with actual establishments being built in a business-heavy environment.

This means that real estate properties like office buildings, malls, laundromats, and car parking spaces are all included in the commercial side of real estate. These also arguably have the most income coming from the cash flow.

If you want to generate income, then you should strongly consider buying commercial real estate. However, the capital and requirements needed for an investor to successfully build commercial real estate are also very high which matches its potential income cash flow. 

Industrial real estate 

The final type of real estate is the industrial side of the market. This means that manufacturing plants and other industrial establishments like formeries and power plants are included in this classification. 

The capital structure of how one owns an industrial property may vary. With this, the government can own industrial properties if collaborated with an investor. Also, ownership can be split into a coop for more socialist countries in the world.

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