Due to COVID-19 & New Regulation, all Sims Villa Showflat viewing is by Appointment only.

Sims Villa is a brand new residential condominium developers have more than 50 years of experience in Singapore and have the reputation of an innovative market leader in Singapore that produces many iconic and quality developments. have the largest private residential land reserve and City Development Ltd being the biggest commercial landlord with more than 30 prime commercial buildings. Both have created many iconic development in Singapore including projects like The Tate Residences, The Residences at

With 2 highly regarded developers that produces only the finest and most valued quality development, home buyers and investor can look forward to yet another masterpiece in Sims Villa that is in line with the company’s core value for passion, sustainability, innovation, reliability and social responsibility. Both developers have obtained several top awards & recognition for their innovative & architectural design, green mark environmental efforts and contribution to the nation building. Over these 50 years, have ever stayed committed and strive to perform “better than the previous” mentality to achieve and maintain the top benchmark in Singapore property arena.

Sims Villa condo is a top choice city fringe project in the centre of Singapore city which offers capacious and exclusive one to four Bedrooms unit choices. latest new project situated at Sims Drive in the popular District 14. Home buyers of Sims Villa can be assured of yet another quality project that gives them premium materials & finishes that last.

Sims Villa Show Flat

Interested parties who would like to visit the showflat may fix an appointment through this developer website before going down to view Sims Villa Showroom. Our show suite may not be opened on certain days due to routine maintenance works or developer’s events. Hence interested buyers are suggested to obtain an appointment online before proceeding down.

If you had obtained an online appointment here, you will get to enjoy our best possible Developer Price and rest assured COMMISSION is NOT payable by buyer.

Please do take note that all available units that are released for sale at Sims Villa are based on a first-comer basis. For special reservation of an unit, please take note that it is only up to a holding time frame of 2 hours and is strictly subjected to the developer management’s approval.

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Owning a home can be one of the best feelings in the world. That is why the market of real estate is ever so booming because people need them all the time. If you want a cosy home, you’ll be competing against other future homeowners. 

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We also have other charitable goals in mind too. For starters, we have raised a fundraising campaign of providing homeless people with a place to stay. 

Due to our influx of clients from all over the world, we are happy to report that we just reached profitability. Due to that good news, we want to share our success with the rest of the world by building a project that will eventually become a facility for homeless people to stay. 

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Our services 

We have different services that will help future homeowners secure a place to stay. Here are Sim Villa Condo’s array of services for your reference:

  • Development 
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